My selection of the best free travel apps

This post could be the longest one on my blog, but I will keep it nice and short and just share with you my favourite travel apps that I actually use on a weekly basis – which is pretty much how often I travel. For some of them, I also share some vouchers that you can use straight away to get a discount on your first booking!

Those are the basics you should absolutely have on your phone/tablet if you – like me – live constantly on the road… or if you like giving a real shape to your day-dreaming! Plus, they are free.


Because they will all equally inspire you to escape, to leave your comfort zone and book those plane tickets or a place to stay at your next destination.



SIMPLY PUT: Although you need a Wifi connection to use this service, Uber is a great way to navigate a country that is not known for trustworthy transportation options. Check out the cities that the app is available here and see if you can use it for your upcoming vacation. Editor tip- a lot of international airports now feature free Wifi, so this could be a great way to secure a ride from the airport, without having to wait in a long line or risk being hustled upon arrival.

ELEVATOR PITCH: ‘Your ride, on demand.’

VOUCHER: download the app here and use this promo code to get a discount on your first ride: zocu9.



SIMPLY PUT: This app will help you book a last-minute hotel in case you missed a flight, stayed out too late, or want a staycation in your own city. At discounted rates! I use it a lot when I need a place to stay on the same day or for the following night. Their selection of luxurious hotels – as well some 3 stars hotels – is great. I recently stayed at the Tryp Hotel in Brisbane, which was super quirky and located in a very vibrant part of town, with the most amazing roof top bar! Bonus.

ELEVATOR PITCH: ‘The best 3 to 5 star hotels, available on average 28% cheaper!’

VOUCHER: download the free app here and get a $30 voucher that you can use straight away at your first booking using the code PPICC.



SIMPLY PUT: Airbnb is by far my favourite way of travelling and experience local cultures. If you haven’t Airbnbed before, I can guarantee that once you start, you will be hooked! They were the first one to play a role in the sharing economy, where people just open up their properties (the entire place or just a room) to perfect strangers. It is cool. And much more personal than a dry hotel. You will get to know what the local area really offers, where the locals go, and the properties on the site are stunning! Worth a try, in any country you live/travel in.

ELEVATOR PITCH: ‘Belong Anywhere’

VOUCHER: create an account for free and use this link to get AU$31 voucher on your first Airbnb booking.



SIMPLY PUT: Wotif will be one of your favourite apps if you are a frequent traveller. It is easy to use, it makes easy to compare the prices of the hotel deals. And after booking, you can view past, current and future confirmations as well as present your booking confirmation from your iPhone on check-in. You can even use the ‘near me’ or near a landmark option if you want to stay near a specific attraction. Little gem.

ELEVATOR PITCH: ‘We believe that travel changes lives, and that exploring the world should be simple and accessible to everyone’



SIMPLY PUT: Dubbed “the baby of Instagram and Trip Advisor”, this app encourages users to upload photos and then submit recommendations for those spots. That being said, as with any crowd sourced application or service, the information is not necessarily 100% accurate. So before quoting Trover facts, check the old fashioned guidebook.

ELEVATOR PITCH: ‘Join fellow travellers and share your stories’



SIMPLY PUT: A super easy-to-use flight-booking app on all your devices. Skyscanner does everything you’d ever need it to: aggregating fares from airlines all in one place and giving you the best deal. Skyscanner helps you find the best flights based on your budget and schedule by scanning millions of flights from more than 500 airlines around the world and comparing their prices. If all you are looking for is a bit of inspiration, then my favourite search is: FROM any destination TO EVERYWHERE to see the cheapest options! No jokes, this option really does exist in the drop down menu. Pure genius.



SIMPLY PUT: This popular social media platform just surpassed the 300 million user mark, which means there are a lot of jealous eyeballs to gaze at the stunning photos of your travels (and food, of course!). I also use this app as a source of inspiration, as a lot of travel bloggers and tourism brands showcase their adventures on Instagram. Watch this space for my list of best travel Instagrammers to follow!

ELEVATOR PITCH: ‘A fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures’



SIMPLY PUT: XE Currency helps you track exchange rates so that you’re aware of how much money you’re shelling out for all your travel expenses. This app covers virtually every currency in the world and lets you monitor exchange rates for up to 10 currencies, which should be more than enough for any moment during your trip. XE Currency keeps track of all currencies you monitor so that you still get updated exchange rates for these currencies even when you’re offline.

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