Branden Harvey: the photographer who is using social media for good

This is Branden Harvey.

Branden Harvey is pretty much a modern-day superman. He is young (’20-something’ he claims). And he is armed only with his camera and the words in his head.

He goes out there to tell stories and shoot photos for brands, dreamers and world changers.

Forget about pictures of beautiful cakes, perfect raw recipes, and superficial fashion shots on your Instagram feed. Here we are talking about real people, about the hope in African women’s eyes, about mothers and children united to change the world.

Branden works with nonprofit organisations that pay him to travel to Africa (mainly) and to amplify their work using his social network. This way, Branden is left free to tell the story in his own way (and images), with his own words, which makes this approach much more powerful than normal PR.

One of his latest projects is with These Numbers Have Faces, a nonprofit organisation that takes the best and brightest students from Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa and helps put them through school.

But the young Oregon-based story teller also writes about other topics: places, love, relationships, portraits… all equally inspiring projects. Read them about them here.

He has even started an official hashtag on Instagram that is very popular among users, those being professional photographers or not (just like me and you): #storyportrait. So far over 31,000 photos have been submitted to the #storyportrait tag, which Branden created to encourage people to ‘share the stories of the people in your life. Authentically. Genuinely. Lovingly.’

Mashable has recently defined him ‘The Instagrammer who’s on a mission to change the world, one picture at a time’, which is the article that inspired me to write this blog post. Plus, being myself an absolute lover of Africa and its people, I really could not resist.

From today, my Instagram feed has a new look. Thank you for the inspiration, Branden.


Twitter @BrandenHarvey

Instagram brandenharvey: join me and other 101k followers!

Snapchat ‘brandenharvey’: Branden creates daily Snapchat stories that are seen by thousands of people all over the world. He’s created Snapchat stories in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Dubai and the latest one from the White House.

Facebook Branden Harvey

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