Three cool things

This week’s showcase of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. Follow Your Nola – New Orleans Tourism Ads

The beauty of this series of ads is in the voiceover. These three TV spots all use the same voiceover script, but completely different characters and locations, to cleverly communicate the point that you can have all sorts of diverse experiences in the city.

The insight: New Orleans has an incredible range of experiences and attractions for people of all mindsets and interests.

The challenge: to bring this to life with stories that live up to the beauty and creative spirit of the city itself.

The result: an integrated campaign with digital at the core. The videos illustrate visitors’ top interests discovered through social listening; the mobile site showcases itineraries featured in the spots; social influencers bring their own NOLA trips to life online; display and mobile ads target the right people at the right time; and the events bring the NOLA experience to life across the country. Nailed.

‘Everyone’s NOLA is different. Follow yours.’


CLIENT: Tourism New Orleans

CAMPAIGN: Follow your NOLA

2. The Message from the Lungs

This is a bit of a dark one, literally. To help people quit smoking, BBDO Proximity Thailand wrote a message to smokers using an ink made from diseased lungs. The black ink was made from materials extracted from lungs donated after death by longtime smokers and it was distributed it at public events, which received a lot of PR.

The results? Increased signups in the foundation’s cessation program by 500% compared to the previous year.

CREATIVE AGENCY: BBDO Proximity Thailand

CLIENT: Thai Health Promotion Foundation

CAMPAIGN: The Message from the Lungs

1. Lily – a new kind of Drone

Lily is the the drone that you can throw up in the air or into the water, and it catches and orients itself. Then it follows you, always keeping the camera focused on you. Now we don’t have to be professional film-makers to create cinematic footages. Lily is waterproof, ultra-portable, and shoots stunning HD pictures and videos.

The real question is: can we Periscope or Meerkat from it yet? I’m sure developers will figure it out soon!

Pre-order Lily here.

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