Three cool things

This week’s showcase of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. The IKEA Breakfast in Bed Café


The brand new Ikea cafe is now serving breakfast in BED in the hipster borough of Shoreditch, London. The initiative is part of a marketing campaign to promote their bedding options, that’s why the IKEA Breakfast in Bed Café showcases how the Swedish brand can make their beds and bedrooms an oasis of serenity, whilst serving a typical Scandinavian breakfast.

The pop-up cafe will also feature relaxing music, sleep-inducing teas, and information about IKEA’s bedding options. According to a post on IKEA U.K.’s Facebook page, they allocated 64 people per sitting and guests were also assured of the cleanliness of the beds as the beddings will be changed each time.

THE CURIOSITY: the inspiration came after the retailer found 50% of people had never had breakfast in bed (I clearly fall in the other half!).

Curious to see more creative campaigns from IKEA? Have a look here.

2. 10 Years of YouTube Ads

You can now vote for your favourite YouTube ads of the last 10 years. Just head here and have your say.

In 2014, four of the top ten most-watched videos on YouTube were ads. As YouTube celebrate their tenth birthday, you can now review the greatest brand moments from the past decade and vote.

My vote went to Duvall Guillaume, an amazing creative agency from Belgium that I had the immense pleasure to meet at my time working at Google London.

And, of course, make sure you share your vote on your social networks using the hashtag #10YearsofYouTubeAds.

1. LEGO Dimensions

The new Lego spot is dedicated to all of us, kids who grew up watching (and re-watching all over again) ‘Back to the Future’. In the new ad, a very paranoid Doc Brown discovers a portal to the Lego world and worries about the space-time continuum (as you do, of course!).

Lego Dimensions will be launched in September on the main gaming consoles and will let fans use real-world toys in the virtual game world.

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