Three cool things

This week’s showcase – after a very very long break, ooops… sorry I was on the road for quite a while – of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. Canon‘s Pixma printers

With this clever and super funny series of ads, Canon reminds us that is still cool to use a printer for our photos, maps, tickets…

2. Dancing traffic lights – Smart

Not sure how many more cars they sold with this ad at Smart, but the whole idea is pretty cool: it’s all about being disruptive, and creating a totally unexpected experience to people. In this case, red traffic light manikin starts dancing to make people wait and watch rather than walk through the red light. Watch the results at the end of the video: it worked!

1. Shark diving in the Australian desert – Samsung Gear VR

For the campaign, Samsung’s creative agency Leo Burnett Sydney teamed up with surf director Taylor Steele to capture underwater footage of great white sharks in South Australia. The footage resulted in a 360-degree film called The Dive, create specifically for Samsung Gear VR.

To celebrate the film, Samsung then opened a Dive Shop in Alice Springs (in the middle of the Australian desert, where not much happens and where there is not trace of water!), inviting locals to experience the shark drive using the Gear VR.

The result is pretty amazing, just by looking at people’s reaction to the immersive visual experience.

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