About me


“I’m like a curious octopus. I am always reaching around in all kinds of places and taking in things from everywhere.” 

(MoMA curator of architecture and design Paola Antonelli)

A digital strategist in the publishing sector with years of experience in digital marketing and advertising, and – most importantly – with a passion for her job and lot more things.

From the sunny South of Italy, now adopted by Sydney… via Milan, Ireland, England, Latin America, Africa, Turkey.

And no, still not tired to explore. Rather the opposite.


This blog was originally born from the idea of sharing experiences and hidden gems with friends around the world… to tell them about that French restaurant in Buenos Aires, the off-beaten tracks in Mozambique, that hidden beach next to Leon in Nicaragua, the private art gallery in Chelsea, the name of that book shop in Lima Miraflores, my favourite independent cinema in Sydney, the best Twitter campaign from a travel brand, or to show them some cool digital and social media inspiration…

Curious About has now become the place where I share exclusive content with anyone who’s curious enough about travel, food, advertising and art.

The blog features unique experiences that I have lived myself, dishes I have created (and eaten!), music festivals and art exhibitions I have seen, road trips I have taken…. After all you would never recommend a restaurant to a friend if you haven’t been there first, would you?


Digital advertising and social media. Click here!

My travels – in Australia and around the world. Read more here.

Eating eating eating! Plus life as a flexitarian in a world of avid meat eaters. Click here!

Any form of art. In this section.

And I am obviously very active on social media. Connect with me here:




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Pictures are mine, taken with a Sony Xperia T3, unless another source is specified in the caption.

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