Three cool things

This week’s showcase of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. Slow Down GPS – If Insurance

Once again, another genius idea coming from Sweden. And from that agency that now everyone knows for the famous “Epic Split” ad with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

This is the first ever Child voice navigation system.

The GPS switches to a child voice when in the vicinity of a school or childcare. So simple, yet brilliant. Hopefully all the major GPS manufacturers in the world will adopt this technology. So far, the feature is available in Sweden, Finland and Norway. And you can download the app for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

2. Air New Zealand’s new safety video – Men in Black

Air New Zealand are undoubtedly one of the most creative airlines in the whole world. And one of my favourite ones as well!

After the epic Hobbit safety video they are now back with another smart production where the main actors are their own All Black, yes… the real kiwi rugby heroes!

This is the proof that the best team in the world can perform on ANY stage.

‘They’re try-line defenders. They’re champion contenders. They’re the Men In Black.’

1. The Hateful Eight – Quentin Tarantino’s new movie

Well, it’s only the trailer… but we are all already excited about it and counting down for Xmas.

The trailer has only been up on YouTube for less than 2 days, and it has already reached 7.5M views. Why am I not surprised?


Three cool things

This week’s showcase – after a very very long break, ooops… sorry I was on the road for quite a while – of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. Canon‘s Pixma printers

With this clever and super funny series of ads, Canon reminds us that is still cool to use a printer for our photos, maps, tickets…

2. Dancing traffic lights – Smart

Not sure how many more cars they sold with this ad at Smart, but the whole idea is pretty cool: it’s all about being disruptive, and creating a totally unexpected experience to people. In this case, red traffic light manikin starts dancing to make people wait and watch rather than walk through the red light. Watch the results at the end of the video: it worked!

1. Shark diving in the Australian desert – Samsung Gear VR

For the campaign, Samsung’s creative agency Leo Burnett Sydney teamed up with surf director Taylor Steele to capture underwater footage of great white sharks in South Australia. The footage resulted in a 360-degree film called The Dive, create specifically for Samsung Gear VR.

To celebrate the film, Samsung then opened a Dive Shop in Alice Springs (in the middle of the Australian desert, where not much happens and where there is not trace of water!), inviting locals to experience the shark drive using the Gear VR.

The result is pretty amazing, just by looking at people’s reaction to the immersive visual experience.

Three cool things

This week’s showcase of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. The IKEA Breakfast in Bed Café


The brand new Ikea cafe is now serving breakfast in BED in the hipster borough of Shoreditch, London. The initiative is part of a marketing campaign to promote their bedding options, that’s why the IKEA Breakfast in Bed Café showcases how the Swedish brand can make their beds and bedrooms an oasis of serenity, whilst serving a typical Scandinavian breakfast.

The pop-up cafe will also feature relaxing music, sleep-inducing teas, and information about IKEA’s bedding options. According to a post on IKEA U.K.’s Facebook page, they allocated 64 people per sitting and guests were also assured of the cleanliness of the beds as the beddings will be changed each time.

THE CURIOSITY: the inspiration came after the retailer found 50% of people had never had breakfast in bed (I clearly fall in the other half!).

Curious to see more creative campaigns from IKEA? Have a look here.

2. 10 Years of YouTube Ads

You can now vote for your favourite YouTube ads of the last 10 years. Just head here and have your say.

In 2014, four of the top ten most-watched videos on YouTube were ads. As YouTube celebrate their tenth birthday, you can now review the greatest brand moments from the past decade and vote.

My vote went to Duvall Guillaume, an amazing creative agency from Belgium that I had the immense pleasure to meet at my time working at Google London.

And, of course, make sure you share your vote on your social networks using the hashtag #10YearsofYouTubeAds.

1. LEGO Dimensions

The new Lego spot is dedicated to all of us, kids who grew up watching (and re-watching all over again) ‘Back to the Future’. In the new ad, a very paranoid Doc Brown discovers a portal to the Lego world and worries about the space-time continuum (as you do, of course!).

Lego Dimensions will be launched in September on the main gaming consoles and will let fans use real-world toys in the virtual game world.

Three cool things

This week’s showcase of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. Follow Your Nola – New Orleans Tourism Ads

The beauty of this series of ads is in the voiceover. These three TV spots all use the same voiceover script, but completely different characters and locations, to cleverly communicate the point that you can have all sorts of diverse experiences in the city.

The insight: New Orleans has an incredible range of experiences and attractions for people of all mindsets and interests.

The challenge: to bring this to life with stories that live up to the beauty and creative spirit of the city itself.

The result: an integrated campaign with digital at the core. The videos illustrate visitors’ top interests discovered through social listening; the mobile site showcases itineraries featured in the spots; social influencers bring their own NOLA trips to life online; display and mobile ads target the right people at the right time; and the events bring the NOLA experience to life across the country. Nailed.

‘Everyone’s NOLA is different. Follow yours.’


CLIENT: Tourism New Orleans

CAMPAIGN: Follow your NOLA

2. The Message from the Lungs

This is a bit of a dark one, literally. To help people quit smoking, BBDO Proximity Thailand wrote a message to smokers using an ink made from diseased lungs. The black ink was made from materials extracted from lungs donated after death by longtime smokers and it was distributed it at public events, which received a lot of PR.

The results? Increased signups in the foundation’s cessation program by 500% compared to the previous year.

CREATIVE AGENCY: BBDO Proximity Thailand

CLIENT: Thai Health Promotion Foundation

CAMPAIGN: The Message from the Lungs

1. Lily – a new kind of Drone

Lily is the the drone that you can throw up in the air or into the water, and it catches and orients itself. Then it follows you, always keeping the camera focused on you. Now we don’t have to be professional film-makers to create cinematic footages. Lily is waterproof, ultra-portable, and shoots stunning HD pictures and videos.

The real question is: can we Periscope or Meerkat from it yet? I’m sure developers will figure it out soon!

Pre-order Lily here.

Three cool things

This week’s showcase of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. Unforgettable Post-it Proposal

Probably the most uplifting advert for stationery ever:

2. Lisbon crowdsources new ways of seeing the Portuguese city

This is dedicated to Lisbon, one of my favourite cities in the world. For a lot of reasons: its people, its beaches and narrow streets, its delicious pastel de nata and bacalao (and ridiculously huge portions!), its music and its literature talents: I grew up reading Jose Saramago and Fernando Pessoa’s books, and they shaped the way I think and act today.

The Portuguese capital has 16 official viewpoints that people can visit to get a better glimpse of their beautiful city.

Now, with the help of Leo Burnett Lisbon, Lisbon City Council has released a video which challenges people to increase the count by revealing their own hidden spots among the seven hills and narrow streets.

Viewers are directed to a designated webpage where they are invited to share their own personal snaps, or adopt the hashtag #LXup to document their hidden viewpoints on Instagram.

Visit the website here. And if you are in Lisbon, share your favourite view spot with the community!

1. Anti-Littering Campaign Put Faces on Ads

This one-of-a-kind anti-littering campaign uses DNA to identify litterbugs in Hong Kong and put their faces on ads.

The campaign is from Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong and it’s interactive and innovative. They are using this science experiment to create social change. Litter is such a major problem in Hong Kong, and thanks to technology, it’s possible now to put a face to this anonymous crime and get people to think twice about littering. Let’s hope so.

Three cool things

This week’s showcase of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – #alwaystrending

This year the Fashion Week’s main sponsor Mercedes-Benz has used a pretty sleek Stackla execution to visualise data in a very compelling way. The website’s homepage lets you surf through all the content that has been produced from 1996 to 2015 around the Fashion Week globally, with the aim to expand the event ‘beyond the catwalk’ and take fashionistas back in time.

Try it yourself: click on any year from 1995 and today to unfold content from that year’s show which has been posted on social media using the #alwaystrending hashtag.


Data visualisation from Stackla – Fashion Week 2015 homepage

2. Ford – “Speed Dating’

In February, Ford was a big winner with its ‘Speed Dating’ video. The car-maker set up “unsuspecting guys” with a blond female stunt driver, who took each guy for a ride in her Mustang. There’s been a lot of noise on the web, arguing that the guys were actually actors, but it didn’t stop the ad from getting viral.

1. Knorr – The Greatest Flavour on Earth

This is my absolute favourite content piece of the week: Knorr talks to the hearts of all the people who – like me – are (far far) away from home. Be prepared, there could be tears… I wonder whether Knorr will think to launch a whole series of those films. Perhaps one per each continent? In that case, Mr Knorr, please bring to Australia my mum’s parmigiana from the South of Italy!

Three cool things

This week’s showcase of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. Audi – The Disappearing Billboards

This new Audi car emits nothing but water vapor, so its billboards are made of that too:

The Audi A7 Sportback h-tron uses a fuel cell coupled with a hybrid battery and additional electric motor in the rear. And because the only thing coming out of the car is water, Audi – very cleverly – created billboards that leave nothing behind. Simple but effective.

2. The Pepper Hacker from Dolmio Australia

Technology has hijacked family dinnertime. And Dolmio wanted to help bring families together for dinner again, so they created the Pepper Hacker. It does cracks pepper of course, but it also shuts down TVs, wipes out WiFi and disables mobile devices. Interesting experiment to bring back some quality family time around the table in Australian houses:

1. In Pieces – 30 Endangered Species

In Pieces is an interactive exhibition turned study into 30 of the world’s most interesting but unfortunately endangered species – their survivals laying literally, in pieces.

Visit the website to go through each animal and to learn more about the story of the species, to see the technology behind, to get your poster and to share it of course!

A beautifully executed collection and – what’s most important – for a good cause.


In Pieces. Click on the image to view the interactive website.

Three cool things

This week’s showcase of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. Sakura in your street with Google

Make Japanese Cherry Blossom trees appear anywhere in the world using Google StreetView. This is project is from one of my genius friends at Google Japan, the talented Joe Fry.

I played around with the tool and made Sakura trees appear in my street, Holt Street… see my creation below, together with the ones from other users who did it in Paris, Sydney and Rome.

Do you want to have a go? Head to the Sakura Dream website and create your own Japanese-style street!

2. The Internet in Real-Time

Ever wondered how quickly data is generated?

This tool updates itself in real-time and shows us how much data we are all sharing on the main social platforms. And we are contributing every day, with our comments, likes, photos uploaded and shared…

Interesting but kind of scary, uh?

Click the animation to open the full version (via Penny Stocks Lab).

Click on the above preview to visit the website.

1. Lego gives back stolen statues to city

Margaret Island in Budapest hosts a park where there are over 30 statues, all representing the nation’s finest artists. Two of these bronze statues were stolen last year, and there is no money for their replacement.

So the Lego Store of the city decided – with the help of Y&R Hungary –  to give these two stolen statues back to the city: they built the exact replicas of the stolen originals, entirely out of Lego pieces. This way, Lego was used to build something in real life, as well as honouring something that is cardinal to the brand: Hungary’s creativity. The lego statues were placed on the empty spot of the missing ones. Now, people visit the park just to see the Lego statues. Neat!


Lego Statue in Budapest. Photo credit: Y&R Hungary.

Three cool things

This week’s showcase of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. France is in the air

Last year Air France brought us back to the gold age of air travel with its series of vintage print ads – very much Mad Men type. A year later, the French airline is expanding that initiative with a spot that still beautifully evokes the past glories of transatlantic travel. Watch and dream.

CLIENT: Air France


2. Wes Anderson‘s perfect symmetry

I truly believe that ‘Bird Man’ was a great movie and deserved the Oscar for both best movie and best director – how can you not love that Mexican extrovert genius that Alejandro Inarritu is??? BUT Wes Anderson still remains one of my favourite and most alternative directors, despite the fact that is brilliant ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ didn’t win the Oscar. That movie is a gem. Worth watching it even just for its cameos, and for the immaculate symmetry of almost every scene, just like in Wes Anderson’s other movies.

Wes Anderson’s obsession for centering objects, nature and people, and for keeping the right balance in nearly ever scene is so aesthetically beautifully at our eyes. We want more, Wes.

1. Look at me – ‘If you can see it, you can change it’ by Women’s Aid

Facial recognition technology to fight violence.

To promote the core brand message of ensuring that the more people who take notice, the less that physical abuse takes place, Women’s Aid WCRS used facial recognition technology to identify exactly how many people are looking at a screen. The more people that look at the screen, the more the bruises and scars will disappear. The image of the beaten woman will continue to change whilst people look at the screen and look away, ensuring the message really hits home.

Don’t look away.

CLIENT: Women’s Aid


Three cool things

This week’s showcase of 3 cool and inspiring creative campaigns I came across from around the web:

3. Geico makes clever pre-roll ads that you won’t want to skip!

These five first seconds on YouTube are soooo important. Most of us skip the ad (more precisely 94% of pre-roll ads get actually skipped), but the American insurance brand has made the first five seconds so compelling that people have to watch the rest.

This is the ‘Family’ spot, but three more executions are live now:

Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.

2. Adobe ‘Means Streets’ commercial

This is one of the best parodies of the state of marketing as it is today. I won’t say too much about it, just play the video and you’ll see how genius and spot on this is:

Moral of the story: Don’t buy clicks. Engaged time is a way more pure.

1. Love has no labels

This is my absolute favourite campaign of the week. And yes, it did make me cry at my desk at work…

The ad is from the Ad Council and it’s about bias and diversity. The ‘Love Has No Labels’ campaign hopes to shake people up and help them realize that everyone holds biases, even if they aren’t aware of them. To illustrate this idea, the Ad Council and R/GA set up a giant X-ray screen in Santa Monica, California, on Valentine’s Day, found real people of different genders, abilities and sexual orientations and had them perform little dances behind the screen.

The results? It reached more than 11 million views, 50,000 likes and 100,000-plus shares in the first day only.